Kill / Let Die 7"

by Temple

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released May 25, 2015

Written and played by:
Jamie Yanda - voice, guitar
John Larkin - guitar, voice
Cassidy DW - drums
Myles Coyne - bass

Recorded at Howl Street Recordings in Milwaukee, WI
Engineered by Shane Hochstetler
Produced by Shane Hochstetler and Temple
Mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago, IL.

Released through the combined efforts of:
Guard Records
Suspended Soul Tapes and Records
Waybridge Records
Texas Is Funny Records
Darkness Forming Records



all rights reserved


Temple Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Like Nothing In This Life
I still see it, leaning on the air,
drifting into a blood fog.
Spilling down on to the streets,
it fills my mind with smoke.
And since then the world gets darker
the further on I go,
living in the shadow of some fallen cloud,
the weight of the world,
the shape and the sound of...

10,000 frames per second flowing through the screen,
giving definition to something vaguely out of reach.
Like nothing in this life,
like I was born to die so that you could see it,
crowded around at the center of town,
blood on my mouth belongs to someone else.

I am getting older now,
the violence is in a landfill or underground.
Now I am just standing in the desert
next to the ghost of who I have just killed.
The burial mound is empty,
somehow it shakes beneath my feet,
still I see a corpse in everything,
in my friendships and in my sleep.
Track Name: Massive Star
He was a gift to you in your darkest moment,
why can't we understand,
how it feels to be alone in the sun
as it spills out into your hand,
and divides us into its spectrum,
into friends from a passing phase,
scattered out on our bending wave
as it feigns against the sight,
of our age creeping out to break us,
my ego laying on its side,
something real bursts into being,
we were all waving goodbye---

to you,
and the life that you choose,
off the road and out of sight,
towards a star that I am blind to.
And yet it pierces you so clear,
on the loneliest night,
you want to share it with the world,
or the people you love most of all,
and get close to one, one, someone, anyone,
because you are proud of what you have done.

At your desk you work so hard, far from home,
or with your son,
on the hospital bed, with your dead dad
talk to the grave like he's still here.
You need a friend to understand
the transition that we are in,
the sadness between plans,
on the paths we choose towards death.